What is KLN? 

KLIN is a brand of Brazilian made kids shoes. They have been producing top quality kids shoes since 1983. Designed and Made in Brazil! KLIN is also the name of our Mascot, seen in our logo. He also exists in real life, and lives in Brazil, where he loves to meet the kids who wear his shoes. 

How good are our shoes?

All our shoes are first tested in house, by our own machines and then sent off to be certified by the IBTEC ( Brazilian Institute of Leather, Footwear and Artefacts Technology). You will see the IBTEC stamp on the box of every paid of KLIN shoes. The materials, quality and new technology have all been tested and are safe, supportive and strong for kids to wear.


What are the shoes made from?

KLIN shoes are not made from leather. We do not use materials that come from animals. The shoes uppers are made from textile (cotton and polyester) and the soles are made from synthetic materials, suh as TPR. All tested for safety, comfort and strength. 


What about the insole? 

From ages 1 year up, kids feet start to develop more. Our insoles help to support little feet. 

Insole Image



What sizes do you offer? 

Our shoes are made to fit babies, all the up to EU 40/UK 6.5. Check out our Size Chart here and our How to Fit guide here

KLIN cares

  • KLIN values childhood and wants to protect children. KLIN shoes are ABVTEX certified. This certification ensures good product quality as well as good working conditions. 
  • KLIN help the Pro Crianca Institute. ( You can check the stamp on every box). It's an institute to support children and adolescents. To have the samp on our boxes means that we are child labour free